Mysterious Island  

Hogland is the most biggest and high isle among waters of Finnish bay. It is located at the junction of the maritime borders of Russia, Estonia and Finnish. Because of its strategical location island was often involved into a military actions. This place has powerful energy and rich history. Forests, Stone age humans camps, military fortifications and ruins of Finnish villages. Each piece of island has its own mystery. Nowadays here, far away from civilization, lives a little number of local populations. Only several families, which service lighthouses and meteorological station.People live in solitude and they have a strong formed connection with nature and the island.

In addition to photos in the series, photo collages are available. They combine a herbarium with islands and archival photographs of the war years. Time passes, and the nature of Gogland gradually hides from us its past. This is all that happens on the island, and draw parallel to the present. Used archived photographs were taken from the website of the «SA-kuva-arkisto» gallery